Software Defined Perimeter Yet to be Hacked
Full Attack Analysis Coming Soon!

The second CSA Hackathon is now closed. We want to thank participants around the world for your enthusiasm.

In the past month, billions of packets were fired from more than 100 countries, but none succeeded in the attempt to breach the SDP protected public cloud.

A full report with detailed attack analysis will be published in early November.

Attack statistics as of Day 14 are, as follows:
  • Total dropped packets: 2.9 billion
  • Number successful Single Packet Authorizations: 0
  • Number successful mutual TLS authentications: 0
  • Number successful user authentications: 0
SDP prevailed.

For additional information on preliminary statistics, please see the press release entitled Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Prevailing after Hackathon Kickoff at Cloud Security Alliance Congress 2014  

CSA will email the winner of the $500 random drawing directly to arrange the delivery of the prize.