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SDP Standard

Welcome to the SDP Hackathon

Sponsored by the Cloud Security Alliance

Here's your chance to win $10,000 by hacking into the target server and extracting the contents of an html file. The file is in plain text, but it is protected by the Software Defined Perimeter, which is a new approach to security that mitigates network-based attacks by dynamically creating perimeter networks anywhere in the world—including in a cloud, on the DMZ, and in the data center.

Attack Anonymously

Click the button below to do a basic scan of the SDP Gateways and Protected servers, or explore learn all about the SDP, and then use some of tools below for more sophisticated attacks. Of course, you can also use any of you favorite tools to attack the target server or any of the other associated servers.

Basic Scan



Packet Capture




Skilled Adversaries

A skilled adversary would obtain the SDP Client software demonstrated in the video and try to hack it. Click here to download the installer, but note that installer will not have the cryptographic artifacts to connect to the target SDP.